Keep it Simple

When thinking of someone of a high social status, you imagine royalty, over the top, extraordinary, and definitely noting simple.  What is expected is luxurious and glamorous fashion for people who are heir of royalty.  In this case it was very different for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.


Kate Middleton is spotted making an appearance at the Sportsball Gala in London, which was a charity event for former and current athletes all over.  Due to her husbands appearance singing with Jon Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards Sunday Night, this put Kate in the limelight of the public eye.



Well, indeed the Duchess of Cambridge took her time to shine very well by attending this ball.  Looking more than elegant, she had on a black and creme lacer cut cocktail dress, black suede Jimmy Choo pumps, and a small red clutch.


Sticking to her black and creme hoes, she looked absolutely amazing at the gala, not too much, and not too basic.  Shying away from all the fancy evening gowns she could have chosen.  For the night, keeping it simple was her best option!  Flawless !


Tin Can Dress

For the upcoming winter season, it is up in the air that the color of the season would be an emerald green.  Of course, what accompanies the main colors are the simple basic colors of black, heather gray, and dark deep shades of brown.  So, many people have been transitioning their closet for a serious wardrobe change.

On Sunday, the American Music Awards of 2013 aired on the ABC Network.  Many artists ranging from R&B,  rap, country, jazz, pop, and many other music genres.  Other celebrities also came to show their face which included Kelly Osbourne.


Instead of the usual long evening dress, Kelly Osbourne opted to go on a different route that night.  She came wearing a long sleeved, silver patterned puffer ballerina dress with her nude pumps.  Very, very different, and definitely was an eye catching attire for the AMA’s.  Not just her outfit was striking but her lavender tinted color hair gave off a very futuristic look for Kelly.  Even her hair style was very different..  Gold rhinestones in her hair is something new for us to see.


But this isn’t something new being a heir to the Osbourne family, she basically grew up into the art of standing out and artistically unique ways of fashion.  Nude, silver, and purple, all in one?  Certainly not complimentary colors on the color wheel but hey, who can blame her for being different.

Leather for the Weather ?

With the wind and chills of the onth of November, you would assume people would be bundled up.  Not for Lily Collins, for her she switched her entire wardrobe up for the month of November.


Lily Collins is spotted wearing a black crop top accompanied with a off green, slim fit leather sweatpants with black pumps.  This can all be said to be a fashion don’t for the simple reason that she was going out to dinner at a restaurant called The Ivy in London.  This is something that isn’t necessarily a dinner ensemble but hey, whose stopping her?  With her hair up in a bun, deep red 9’s lipstick and gold clutch, it’s hard to determine whether Lily Collins was rushing to get dressed or if it was intentional.



Just a quick observation of Lily Collins strolls in New York city to her runway walks down the red carpet, she is popularly known to express herself throughout her clothing.  Amazing !  The fashion world needs fashion leaders to get out of their comfort zone and dress the way they want!


It is clearly obvious that Lily Collins dresses up to amuse the public.  Nothing but fun and creativity when it comes to her attire.  So, to the leather sweatpants at dinnertime?  Yes, we applaud you Lily !  It never hurts to break the rules sometimes !

Burgundy is the new Black

This fall there has been so much attention drawn towards the color burgundy.  A very deep but darker shade of red has to eb this season’s “it color”.  Of course,  Beyonce just took the use of this color to another level.  Then again, when doesn’t she look absolutely fab when wearing an outfit.


Beyonce is spotted making a new video taking basic to glamorous without a doubt.  She is wearing a deep, “oxblood” Burgundy trench coat with silver, pointed toe heels and looks stunning/  Her golden locks that are beautifully curled and gold accessories help enhance an already amazing outfit.  Light makeup with her piercing burgundy lips just add to the flawless look that Beyonce tried.


Walking the streets of New York City for her music video, she definitely stood out.  not only for her outfit but of course, she is Beyonce. Her outfit was a great image for her dark, night scene of New York City.  With her daring and vicious look with this oxblood color, she is giving each and every one of us something to adore.


Say my Name, Say My Name

The thought of Beyonce is always being brought up, but this time the attention is for her sister, Solange Knowles.  Solange Knowles has always been in the shadow of her younger sister, Beyonce.  Solange has been known for being in many movies and also having a minuscule singing career herself.

Coming out of the backlight, she know finds herself in the limelight.  Solange is right on stage of New York City, as a co-host for the Spring 2014 Fendi collection.  She graces the stage with such a effortless, but fashionable outfit.


Her red and white, monochromatic skirt and dress, gives a very empowering statement in the fashion industry.  Standing out with this vibrant color of red, is purposely used as an “alert”, a purging sense of “I am Solange and I am here”!  This ensemble screams for attention and she is SURELY receiving it with the lovely way it compliments her.

She pairs up her outfit with purple Fendi, ankle strapped heels and a orange and blue Monster Fox Fur Baguette Shoulder Bag.



Being out of the social eye for some time, but indeed, Solange Knowles, came back with a bang.  She looks amazing and certainly makesyou eagered to see the rest of Fendi’s Spring 2014 Collection.


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Walk the Sidewalk Like It’s Your Runway ?

Walking down the street and EVERY woman thinks their a model.  The mind wanders, the imagination starts flowing, and then BAM!  The pavement sidewalk now becomes a runway, the pedestrians walking by becomes your crowd, your everyday heels become 6 inch heel and your legs become to strut, longer and longer.  Back to reality, the crosswalk signal changed, what’s around you is nothing but people heading to their destination and you’re just among them.  Don’t you wish everyday was a fashion show?  Yes, No, maybe So?  Well for R&B singer Rihanna it is !

Rihanna Steps Out in Black Leather Jumpsuit Rihanna Steps Out in Black Leather Jumpsuit 00-Rihannas-Nobu-New-York-Balmain-Spring-2014-Black-Quilted-Leather-Jumpsuit-and-Gold-Cap-Toe-Boots

Rihanna seems to be a Balmain model on the streets of New York City.  She was spotted wearing an all black quilted sleeve, leather jumpsuit.  She also styles it up with black and gold cap toe Balmain boots.  For a more street styled edgy look, the all black attire was accompanied by a plain white t-shirt underneath her jumpsuit and also big bulky gold jewelry.


This something straight off the runway.  From the upcoming 2014 Spring Balmain collection.  So, in fact Rihanna brought the runway to the streets of New York City!

What to Wear, What to Wear ?

Trying to fins something to wear for the day sucks.  Something for a party? Sucks too !  Outfits for a magazine photo shoot?  Oh my, what are the choices?  Celebrities go through wardrobe malfunctions, size errors, or choice selection issues all he time.  The mail goal is to find something to wear that would help both promote the brand and also compliment the celebrity.

Differently, in this situation the question was not “what to wear?”  It was simply what NOT to wear for R&B singer, Rihanna.  She landed herself a booking for a photo spread with 032c Magazine.


Wearing just a oversized wool textured coat and men’s pants, that is pretty much all that Rihanna has on.  She doesn’t have  a bra on having a seductive appearance in her photo.  This is nothing new to her Instagram pictures, where she shows a lot of skin on her social network.

Rihanna’s appearance has changed from when she has first came out in 2005 as a conservative Bajan princess.  Her entire aura and persona has transitioned drastically over the years.  It seems as if she is in a quest of trying to find her self, we may never know.  Rihanna does the unexpected and can be a surprise at all times.  Like chess, we may never know RiRi’s next move, totally unpredictable !

Her photo spread with 032c Magazine just gives her the opportunity to flaunt her figure.  Nothing but sex appeal in these photos !


Hollywood Dress Code ?


Spot that blonde!  Hmm, can you guess who this may be ?  What celebrity dresses oh so comfortable when going out?  Going out in Hollywood to be exact!  The place where you’re expected to run into paparazzi your entire visit.  This celebrity happens to be Hilary Duff.  Former Disney Tv star from,  Lizzie McGuire and singer paid a trip to West Hollywood recently.

Unaware of her motives, but she wasted no time attempting to dress the part for a fun-filled day of paparazzi in Hollywood.  Or did she?  She was spotted wearing these striped, wide leg lounging pants, a knitted gray pullover sweater sweater, flip flops, and her black Celine bag that added some spice to her comfy outfit.


It is obvious Hilary was not at all eager to impress the press or her fans.  She’s showing us the real, down to earth Hillary Duff with no worries at all.

In other news, Hilary Duff has showed the public a more laid back and playful side to her.  In regards to her participation in “Throwback Thursday”, she posted a old picture on twitter with the caption of “There are so many things wrong with this” in a  joking tone.


This photo goes back to her childhood beauty pageant days!  Looking so precious and cheerful with her Colgate smile, and lovely blonde locks.  For Hilary to post this and laugh about it, gives us a chance to understand that she is one down to earth celebz1

Let the Bells. RING


Ciara,, the female R&B singer, is known for her great dance performance via videos and in person.  She has so much talent that has been overlooked due to her small absence in the music world.  She had a entire allegation against her sexuality.  Everyone claimed that she was an ” hermaphrodite ” which resulted into the decrease of her fan base and support.

Coming right back into the game with her top hit song, “Body Party”, she reminded everyone as to why we loved her.  Her dance moves are just marvelous to watch.

Everything has been going great with Ciara, including this new man in her life.  Yep, Ciara is dating !  She has been talking to the rapper, Future, since earlier this year and has been out in public flaunting their relationship.  It is evident that Ciara is so new to this, despite the fact of being in the spotlight with her ex boy-friend, rapper,  Bow Wow.  But most importantly is that she loves it !

On October 28th, 2013, Future proposed to Ciara  with a 15 karat ring!  Not to mention, this was her birthday!  Talk about best birthday gift ever !


Ciara looked gorgeous in her all black cut out leotard sheer split dress.  Always the one to cover up and be edgy but something about C has definitely changed.  She was always the one to be dressed down and not be as thoughtful to theme or dress codes.  But to now see her showing off some skin in a fitted cutout dress is wonderful !   And for once we actually know why !  Congrats Girl !

Ellen Degener……WHO ?

Halloween rolls around, and  everyone wants to impersonate a celeb, or dress like a character.  Creativity was the key to success for the night.   And getting out of your comfort zone was also the answer to a great outfit.  Thinking outside of the box, and doing something  out of your conformity equals a great Halloween.  Even celebrities took part in the fun filled day of Halloween this year.

Ellen Degeneres, the talk show host, took part in Halloween this years and dressed like the infamous Black Barbie, Nicki Minaj.  Yes, Ellen, the lesbian tomboy-ish woman dressed as Nicki. Everyone was so shocked and amazed at the transformation Ellen did for her Halloween costume.   Nicki Minaj, the female rapper, has a great amazing body and makes sure she flaunts it, showing her lovely curves at all times.  So, for Ellen t try to impersonate Nicki Minaj doesn’t sit so well with everyone.  Not one bit !

Surprisingly, Ellen looked amazing and shocked us all !  To think maybe Ellen has a slight love for Nicki maybe?  She has been on the Ellen show a few times and maybe Ellen just admired her ?



Nicki minaj actually wore Ellen’s halloween outfit to one of her show visits and this is where Ellen came up with her idea.

First and foremost, the blonde hair was stunning for the fact that Ellen always sports her short hair cut all year long.  All leather  scrunched harem styled pants, with her black cropped cleavage showing jacket was hands down the best Halloween outfit ever !


Yes, Ellen Minaj ! Work it !